Performing Arts (Kathak): A career where one needs to have love for the ‘journey’ and not the ‘result’

मुळात हे क्षेत्रच असे आहे जे तुम्हांला स्वतःकडे एक आकर्षण म्हणून खेचते आणि गोडी लागली की ध्यास होऊन जाते. आणि त्या ध्यासातून मग जे उभे राहते ती असते खरी विशुद्ध कला…खरेतर जे तुम्ही स्वभावतः आहात ते तुमच्या कलेतून पूर्णपणे प्रतिबिंबित होते. परंतु बऱ्याचदा कला तुमचे स्वभाव देखील बदलते.आणि बऱ्याचदा ती तुमचे औषध असते..ते पण बिना…

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ASLP : Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist

I’m an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist(ASLP). I never get ‘‘I know what actually you do’’ kind of reply from people I meet. Instead I see BIG question mark on their faces. To my surprise, very few curious souls ask me in depth about what I actually do. Through this article, I try to elaborate…

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Hotel Management : A career which caters to the basic necessity of a human being

Food! One of the basic necessity of all living objects! The love for food for me goes back to my school days when my mother used to cook variety of delicious breakfast and meals to keep us all happy. Also the attraction for eating out in a restaurant was always there. There was this restaurant…

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