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The most beautiful thing about you is YOU! We make efforts to imbibe this faith in people. We guide them to bounce back from the failure. We help them to hold the roots by nurturing the feeling of gratitude. We create Faith Within and Around.


Our every module is designed for the enrichment of society. From school children, working professional, housewives to senior citizens, we continuously make efforts to make their living more meaningful.


We believe excellence should be the state of living of every individual on earth. Our every step in this journey is to create excellence within and around. We are striving to sow the seed of excellence and principle centered leadership at grass root level.


Purpose of our existence on earth is to Live in Harmony and Happiness. We, make our efforts to reduce the noise in peoples’ life to finely tune their energies. We work to create resonance between four fundamental notes of human being talent, passion, perspective and Dream.


To deliver music outside, one must be finely tuned inside

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We bring to you a unique & structured hand-holding journey in association with India's best Jnana Prabodhini Institute of Psychology, Pune.


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Experienced and structured facilitation of our passionate team makes us one of a kind “attitude transformers”

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Our Services

We are the complete solution for you and your family’s Happy Living!

Educational Counseling

Only with correct perspective and methods, education becomes cheerful and enriching experience which helps to develop confident personality and attitude of a performer. Our modules ignite the desire to excel in your child by redefining the word ‘education’. We imbibe true meaning of learning, knowledge and performance.

What we offer
  • Effective Learning
  • Aptitude testing and career counseling
  • Effective Parenting
  • Jagar Manacha for ‘Teaching’ excellence
  • Leadership development summer camps

Corporate Counseling

Every professional organization has to go through four fundamental phases;Survival, stability, growth and excellence. We hold your hand while your business/industry is patiently transiting from all four phases. We customize for you to be with you till your business/industry reach at excellence.

What we offer
  • Energy to synergy: Realign business processes and people
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line Leadership Development Program
  • Jagar Manacha: Enhancing employee engagement at all levels
  • Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, 5S, kaizen, TQM trainings

Personal Counseling

Healthy mind is the secret to happy and prosperous living. Our expert counselors and life coaches will help to develop and strengthen your psychological health.

What we offer
  • Professional Counseling
  • Pre & Post Marital Counseling
  • Parenting counseling

Social Awareness

Living by the statement Be the change you want to be, We are lovingly contributing our little to bring the change. We conduct open to all sessions to instigate people for living an inspired life. So far, more than 50 K people have been benefited.

What we offer
  • Awareness sessions
  • Interview events
  • Lecture series
  • Attitude Transformation

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Our Testimonials

  • Consciousness is one of the greatest gifts a man has ever got! To upgrade, we need to use it in a proper way or we will be deprived of happiness. Not only in our night dreams but also in our daydreaming we waste tremendous time. To awaken our sleeping mind one must do “Jagar Manacha”.Mr. Shantanu Gune has developed this concept aptly and beautifully. We are grateful to him!

    Mr. Bhishmaraj Bam: International sports psychologist
  • “jagar Manacha” is very enlightening program. The program definitely took us beyond our daily mundane routines; to introspect ourselves, to strive for excellence and the self leadership. Shantanu Gune sir has a very command over the topics raised and discussed, several aspects of which, if followed, will lead to more successful and happy lives! Thank you team Srujan!

    Manjiri Shaikh: The Times Of India, Nashik
  • Jagar Manacha has been an eye opener to me. It has taught me to work upon my weaknesses and the the same time it has taught me Life is Beautiful. I an very thankful to Shantanu Sir who is doing such noble work. Lot of people need such guidance. Best of Luck

    Mrs. Neeta Phukane, IT Professional
  • I have learnt so many things from Jagar Manacha in my personal, professional and family life. I am confident, positive and brave now! I will enjoy every moment of life because life is beautiful. Shantanu Sir, you are the perfect teacher because you have formed and molded me. Jagar Manacha gave new vision and Birth. Thank you

    Mrs. Lavina Gaikawad, Professional
  • I am absolutely certain that, DISHA, a segment for students like me, was the immediate platform I needed to guide me in the required direction that is Forward.

    Miss Apoorva Manerikar (Student, SSC)
  • I felt, Jagar Abhyasacha is an excellently drawn, well planned and 100% achieving objective program. In all, it was an excellent camp.

    Miss. Apurva Gulanikar (Student, SSC)
  • First I thought it must be bore and useless but I was wrong! I haven’t had any fun before. Jagar Abhyasacha was not just about studies but also sack full of enjoyment and happiness. I will always remember all the knowledge, tips and guidance given by the mentor. Due to this I made my studies more and more better. I am waiting for the next seminar.

    Miss. Simran Dang (Student, SSC)
  • The Jagar Manacha team is putting wonderful efforts to create leaders for the future. We are amused by the detailed observations communicated by the team about our child!. As a parent I will say, Jagar Manacha is wonderful platform to create the team of parent and child.

    Mr. Joglekar
  • It is the noblest thing and Jagar Manacha should be introduced at school level for all the teaching professionals. My take away is the new perspective “Yes I can” !.

    Mr Shailesh Waghmare, Educational profeesional


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