Youngistan the iconic term to describe today’s generation next and also a hot topic to criticize by the elders. Like two sides of a coin, the term also has two definitions, based on two different perspectives. Youngistan look at it with the lens of energy, enthusiasm, hope,confidence, hard work, dream, inspiration and leadership. Where as, the ‘Eldistaan’, smirk and describe it as rebel, careless, irresponsible, lost and arrogant. What a paradox! Soon our nation will be declared as the ‘youngest’ amongst all, which directly says, we ‘the youth’ will be leading our nation. The question is which perspective will be dominant? Youngistan or Eldistaan? Looking at the current scenario;  increasing frequency of gang wars in education institutions, addiction cases of social media, teenagers involved with rave parties,  frustrating incidences of assaults against women in cosmopolitan as well as rural societies, increasing thefts by youngsters for the grid of easy money so many disturbing events; the later surely has the potential to overpower the previous. No wonder the famous dramatist once quoted ‘youth is wasted on the young’! My curious mind asks why he would do such statement in his era and why this statement is still holding its roots in current world which is filled with innumerable  opportunities to excel.



Wait! Did I use the word ‘EXCEL’? as in ‘EXCELLENCE? yeah sure I did! The common jargon of management gurus! The word is frequently used in every organization. Does it imply to our Youngistan attitude? If yes, then where? how? If we define excellence with  reference to the profit, loss, efficiency then NO, it doesn’t.  But if we define it as a state of human being where he/she is living inspired life and taking best efforts with the purest intentions to achieve his/hers desired dreams, EXCELLENCE will be related to our Living and  obviously to the Youngistan. Here we get the answer to our previous question about the famous quote demoting our young potential.  Tremendous potential, exclusive talents, strong will to do the hard work, then where the young blood is lacking? Why this energy is dormant or underutilized?

The answer is DREAM. Today’s youth is speechless when it comes to defining their holistic dreams. They are enjoying the state of day dreaming but have no clue about defining the realistic, achievable and passionate dreams.  Even though they define their dreams, they are a step behind to look at it with the life perspective. Their dreams are     restricted to money, life style, glamor, winning the rat race and getting success at any cost. Yes, these things do hold a position but not the prim most. Current social values are driving our people exactly at the opposite direction. So many incidences of young energy getting   together on roads for social injustices turned in vain. Even though    getting all kind of publicity, the high tides on social media no solutions arrived. Why? The probable answer to this is, young blood did not connect with the cause of these issues and the intentions behind  activities but they preferred the ‘statuses’ behind it. There were very few of them who really put their hearts and joined the cause and not the ‘social status’ to boast. Those few knew exactly what they want to do, why they want to do it and how they are going to do it. They were passionate and inspired to do something unconventional with the purest intentions. Their dreams did not restrict to just vitamin M but to the most important vitamins called Happiness and Bliss. For those few now sky is the limit!

So..  Youngistan… our hope of the future.. the young leaders of our    nation…do we want to counteract the dramatist and refurbish the statement ‘Youth is wasted on Young’ ? or let things carry on the way the were?

Choice is in our hand……….