Strongest tool that a man has is his ‘power to choose’. Utilizing it wisely, a man can explore limitless wonders of joyful living. The curious mind leading to generate questions of WHAT and WHY has given our country many ‘enquirers’ who are totally different than usual achievers, leaders or creators. These enquirers merely did not stop at digging the fundamental questions about basic existence of life and the structure of living, but they chose to travel till the roots of these questions to find out answers. These curious minds had a choice to keep the treasure with themselves and live their own lives peacefully but they used their ‘power to choose‘  wisely and shared their wisdom worldwide. Simply knowing this wisdom will not enrich life. The beauty lies in its Experience. We may get directions to lead our life through their wisdom, but definitely not the inner confidence and energy required to walk on that path. Unless we use our power to choose and start ‘living’ our own understandings of the priceless wisdom, we will miss the simplicity of living!

 All human wisdom has emerged through the answers of two fundamental questions ‘who am I?  and ‘what is the purpose of this life? The enquirers had found their own answers at right places and they used it to uplift their lives . The common man is still hustling to search the right answers but at the wrong places.  Answer lies in how do you use your strongest weapon to lead your own life.  All paths of self-leadership have only one gate;‘inside- out’. The choice is in your hand, whether to bypass this gate or travel courageously to the other side. Once you reach the other side, no wonder life becomes so peaceful.  You will have to enter all alone and initiate the things. You will have to take decisions and their responsibilities. This is the gate where there are no bouncers to protect you. Your own ego will hold you aback, will cease your way to the other side of the gate. Having the fear of failure, ego will not like to be questioned or reveal his projected image. It will always ask ‘why me?’ and find numerous excuses of not letting you to enter  ‘inside-out’ gate. The choice is yours either surrender to the ME in you and live comfortably or to overpower that ME and break the comfort zone to live challenging, thrilling, gutsy life.

Once you choose to enter the ‘inside –out’ gate, instead of asking ‘why me?’  you will challenge the question with the ‘why not me?’ attitude. You will realize the narrowness of your beliefs while unleashing the unlimited potential within you. Slowly you will discover who you are and what you want and start believing in yourself. A spark of self-awareness will give you the light of understand your own wisdom. The journey will will continue till you unfold a beautiful truth ‘The most beautiful thing about you is YOU’ and start accepting the eternal principle ‘There are no accidents’. Again the choice is yours.

We are nothing but reflection of our thoughts.The wise utilization of our power to choose will either build ourselves or destroy completely. Our thoughts will guide us to the apt use of this powerful tool and create harmony in our personality. It’s only you,who can do inner tuning of your consciousness and deliver music outside.

Life is beautiful and simple. But when we challenge it by asking ‘why me, it becomes complicated and we lose control over it. Lets embrace life by asking ‘why not me? and get connected with life force and start flowering naturally .

So WHY ME or WHY NOT ME  The choice is yours!