The Family Friendly work culture! In the business lexicon, corporate culture is defined as the sum of values, ethics, customs and meanings of an organization. No matter how many degrees are lined up in your files or how much work experience you have to your credit but true wisdom lies in understanding the underlying meaning and the potent power of culture and how to get it work for you it the roller-coaster journey of your professional lives. Well, looking at the corporate culture in the city in the last decade, Nashik has indeed come up a long way. It won’t be an over-statement to say that it has undergone a metamorphosis. Nashik has graduated from being a city that had just opened its sleepy eyes to the advent of globalization to breathing and thriving every bit of its serene life in the globalized climate. Nashik is driving its inspiration from the workplaces of a number of major metros and cities. Some features of a truly successful workplace that the city has assimilated in its own work-culture are: an open lines of communication, a clear organizational vision and mission that is shared with all those who are a part of it, wise hiring that is hiring smart-working and not merely hard-working people, encouraging work-life balance and flexibility and ensuring the continuous learning and development for its employees. A number of researches have showed us that there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and productivity and maximizing on this link will help the organization maximize profits, leverage productivity and ensure a conducive workplace for their employees to work in. These following tips will help an organization succeed in building a positive, productive and an employee engaging and work friendly culture.

Friendly  work culture

Friendly work culture

1.Recognize employees as your biggest assets: Appreciation drives people like nothing else does. If you want quality of work, appreciate the quality (and not the quantity) of people at work. When someone does something commendable applause it and speak it aloud to one and all. A company’s employees are the back bone of the organization, dealings with the vendor, and client interaction and family friendly work culture . Without clients and customers, successful companies too can run out of business. The Family Friendly work culture

 2.Make it special: Have an appreciation day for employees or organise a fun day of work by organizing a team building workshop where the employees can learn with fun. Team building activities and team games are a great way to build trust among employees and their managers as well as increase cohesion among members of the organization. It also promotes a sense of belongingness to the organization and propels loyalty.  

3.Hire Right People for the Right Job: Hire people that are not just hard-working, dedicated, sincere..blah blah…  prospective candidates shuld mirror the dreams, vision and mission of the organization. Those employees whose goals coincide with those of the organization automatically become stronger prospects and eventually assist to the organization.Hiring even one wrong person in your organization will prove as a weak-link and eventually cause the breakdown the well being of the organization in every single way. Hire and retain people that say more of “we” and “us” instead of I, me and myself.One can explore other creative and innovative ways of recognizing employees and continuously helping them sharpen their axe and pump up their spirits. A sincere word of “thank you”, “you are an amazing ” can do wonders.