When it comes to choosing a career path, starting a course in entrepreneurship or changing careers altogether, making an informed decision about where you are headed to should be your first step. You cannot plan to go to another city without having a travel plan; arrangements for accommodation, a ticket and lastly the purpose of your visit. Similarly while making important decisions of your life specially those pertaining to your professional life.

Jesus Christ used two words and such lies the power in the two words that they speak chapters and chapters. These words are,[su_highlight] [su_highlight]“Know Thyself” Self –awareness is the key to opening many locks. Knowing what one truly is and what one truly ants from life can be very rewarding that simply shooting an arrow in the dark thinking that you will hit the bull’s eye.

This how SWOT Analysis can be used

This how SWOT Analysis can be used

A SWOT analysis is a great tool to analyse where your strengths lie, which are your weaker areas that you need to channelize your energies on. Furthermore, it also gives one an insight into which areas or skills will be fruitful ad help you bloom in the professional world and also will throw light on the areas you need to tread carefully upon.

SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats was first devised as a business tool in the 1960s. This tool was immensely useful for analysis of those factors that would assist job seekers know more about where their talents lie and also uncover their latent one. This insightful analysis can also give one doorway into exploring untapped opportunities for work they may never knew existed.

The SWOT analysis exercise triggers the mind and even creates and enhances ones awareness. It also helps an individual strike gold while striking a balance between exploring opportunities and gaining advantages while identifying challenges and minimizing difficulties.