Don’t get worked up about things that occur when you are at work, instead work your way around problems in your workplace.**

In the olden days life revolved around earning one’s bread. But in today’s world which is changing at a supersonic speed, we have to not only manage the bread but also the cheese, butter, jam and eggs. We live life in the fast lane… whether it is fast food or fast cars, we want everything in an instant. The same goes with work. We want to achieve too much in very little time. We have unrealistic expectations from ourselves and those around us. All this eventually burden us and we feel end up feeling stressed. Sharon Melnic, a business psychologist and author of Success Under Stress quotes,  “Everyone feels overwhelmed and overly busy.” Hence it is important to hit the panic button before Work life stress starts to play havoc on your personal life as well. These are few tips and stress busters that will help you sort out your work life in a more effective way


  1. Take A Deep Breath: If you’re feeling anxious or tensed after a serious meeting or after getting negative criticism from a senior or colleague, it is essentially important to pause and not panic.Clear your head first. Fine! It was not really your day and all the efforts you put into that presentation or project went down the drain. But that doesn’t mean you will whip yourself mentally. A few minutes of deep breathing will restore peace and make you calm. Inhale for five seconds, hold and exhale in equal counts. Do it for three minutes and experience your body slow down and your mind get calmer.
  2. Set Your Day Right: Most of us go through the day wrong. We sleep thinking what we would do tomorrow, we wake up with an agenda, we hit the snooze button thrice in the row and then fret over we being late. We run to dress up, have our breakfast etc. We use the ‘accommodate-everything-in-my-agenda’ approach, thinking if we work for more number of hours, we’ll get more done. On the flipside, our productivity dips down like a bad day at stock market, our stress levels go up like temperatures in summers. We feel physically exhausted and mentally drained. Experts say that the way you utilize the first one hour of yr day after getting out of your bed actually sets the tone for the day. So instead invest your waking up time meditating, reading, listening to motivational audio tapes, walking or exercising or simply enjoying your first cup of your favorite morning beverage.
  3. Prioritize : With competing deadlines, competitions and fast-changing priorities becoming the mantra of today’s world, it’s very important to compartmentalize and being critical in deciding what is important over what and why. All this require clarity of thought and clear vision of one’s personal and professional goals. It’s also important to understand your role in the organization. Make your to-do-list or set your goals in alignment with your organizational goals and watch magic unfold itself for you.
  4. ‘Create the Action plan’ : Once you settled on your order of priorities chalk out an action plan. If a large project seems overwhelming, make a step-by-step plan. Focus on one manageable step at a time, rather than taking on everything at once. Stick to your deadlines to avoid clutter later.
  5. ‘Be thankful’- Exchange attitude for gratitude. Our attitude has a profound effect on how we deal with situations. Negative attitudes affect our physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. When in a particularly stressful situation, try exchanging attitude for gratitude. When you are running late for a meeting because you are stuck in traffic, change your attitude. Instead of being frustrated about the traffic, find some gratitude. Look around and think of all the things you can be thankful for. Sometimes you can find gratitude in the smallest things. You can be thankful for life, health, strength, friends, family, nature, etc. Focusing on gratitude can definitely change your attitude.