Put an end to cramming incessantly and embrace these simple exam tips to a smooth sailing examination

If students were given an opportunity to rephrase the term Exams, students would definitely call them egg-jams. Yes, exams totally rack and jam our minds. But there is no escape from this monster. So the best revenge is to pass all your exams and grow up. Here is more for a super memory to aid you during exams

1.Watch that Watch: We are not asking you to follow a punishing time table which leaves you with perpetually little or no time for yourselves at all. Exams are not a race against time but establishing a friendship with time. Organize your study schedule such that you get a lot of time for revision in the end. As we all know, revision is what gives your score a boost. The ideal time to study or revise is for 45 minute followed with a 10-minute break. You can have something to eat (fresh fruits preferably), practice deep breathing, listen to your favorite song or simply stretch yourselves.

2. Be the early bird: The saying, ‘The early bird catches the worm’ holds a lot of truth in it. Our mind is much more alert in the morning as compared to the later part of the day. The way you spend the first 1 hour after waking up is what actually sets the tone of your day. If you tune yourself to studying in the morning itself, your mind will adapt itself better throughout the day. Begin early and start with a subject you like least, while your still in the best mood, gradually moving to other subjects.[mpNpIfp


3. Speak Out Loud: Instead of Lip Reading: Speaking out loud is more of an active exercise as opposed to reading a particular text in your mind. Some people are natural auditory learners. They remember what they hear. Double Bonus! You will be surprised as to how much more you can remember if you simply read aloud. Furthermore, you will also not feel sloppy while reading your fat textbooks. Go ahead and fall in love with your own voice.

4. Draw or mind Map: This is a great learning aid for visual learners. Drawing a diagram or mind-mapping a concept taps the right part of the brain which is supposed to be the more creative brain. The colors and graphics used while making images help one to retain the concepts better. So the next time you plan to study a complex concept or revise what you have studied before, don’t forget the mind map.

Drawings & Diagrams Help you to remember better!!

Drawings & Diagrams Help you to remember better!!


5. Get active: It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Research conducted by University of Illinois shows that about 20 minutes exercise before an important test, exam or presentation improves performance.

6. Wear the teacher’s hat: The best way to retain a concept forever or simply check if you have understood a concept well, try to teach it to someone else. If you can help anther person understand it, you have got it right.

7. Watch a Documentary on the Topic: Documentaries are engaging and entertaining. You will not have to worry about wasting your time as they are usually short. In a way you are actually investing your time. This will help you remember key concepts.

Relax folks, it’s not such a big deal. Now that the secrets are out, get ready with these effective tools for kickass exam.