Our previous blog discussed the importance of taking an aptitude test and how it can prove to be beneficial. This blog will answer all the basic questions that might have popped into your head while reading the previous blog.


· Do I need to prepare for an aptitude test?

No, an aptitude test does not require you to prepare for any particular area of study. It’s an impromptu test designed to assess your abilities and a person from any background can answer the test questions without prior preparation.

· Is there an age bar to take an aptitude test?

The age limit is decided based on the type of test you are undertaking. Certain tests such as the general aptitude test are conducted for school going students up to the 8th standards, while certain other tests can be taken by working professionals and older adults too. Thus, some tests do have an age bar while others are flexible. The counselor you consult will let you know which type of test you should give, based on your requirement and your age.

· Is it a subjective or a objective test?

The format of the test is dynamic. While certain tests can be objective, certain tests are the subjective tests. These tests can either be computerized or the traditional paper-pencil kind. You need to get a confirmation from your counselor before going for such tests.

· Is the aptitude test 100% accurate?

An Aptitude test is only a guide and a way to give an individual direction. No test can be assumed to be 100% accurate. A general aptitude test is proven to have up to 80-85% range accuracy. An institute or a testing center which promises accuracy up to 85% can be considered to be a liable center providing a good test.

· Does the counselor make the career decision for you?

No, a counselor does not make a career choice for you. He addresses all the areas of your personality and suggests you all the possible fields you could be good at. The counselor is an expert and will analyze and interpret your test results and decide which field would be suitable for you considering all the facets of your personality and the results of your test.

· Do the results of the aptitude test keep changing?

Yes, the aptitude test results may keep changing. The general aptitude test is a dynamic test. The test results reflect your mental state while you are appearing for the test. Thus, depending on your mind set while taking the test the results may vary. The skills identified by your aptitude test may deteriorate if not worked upon. That may be a reason why your test result may change after a time gap.

· How often should one take an aptitude test in his/her lifetime?

There is no specific time span as to how often an individual can take the test. It depends on how long back you had taken your first test. Your counselor will guide you and tell you if it is necessary for you to take another test.

· Does aptitude testing assure a successful career?

Any test depends on how well you act on it after you get the results. All the abilities can be worked upon and improved. You can’t get access to your dream career unless you decide to work hard for it. An aptitude test will definitely guide you to the most apt path for you, but you and only you can do all the ground work required to make sure you get successful.

Apart from the aforesaid mentioned questions, if you have any queries regarding the topic, please drop in a message with us and we will contact you and try our best to answer your doubts.

So, arise awake my fellow readers and get a test if you think you or your children need one.