Maths is often synonymous to anxiety and fear and it’s the reason for one of the worst nightmares students have during their academic careers and how to overcome math block

Once upon a time a lanky young boy wearing thick glasses and eyelids heavy with days of sleeplessness was sitting neck-deep in a pile of books. He was surrounded by attics and arrays of books. He was scribbling something busily. His reverie was broken suddenly with the loud and shriek ice of the librarian…. who put the Mathematics textbook and reference books in the horror section again…. the bespectacled boy flashed a mischievous grin and immersed himself again in his fat books.

Mathematics has petrified, stipulated and strangulated people since forever. Math is challenging for a lot of people. But there are a number of way to fight it out and overcome it…

how to overcome math block

how to overcome math block

1. Back to the Basics:

A solid foundation in math can do wonders to your confidence levels and makes it more accessible and making studying it seem less challenging and more like fun. Enroll in classes teaching Vedic math or Abaccus. They will solidify your concepts or simply find a good tutor. The good news is Math builds on concepts previously learned. So you can pick t up from where you left it or lost focus. There is a always a way to come back to it.

  1. 2Sharpen Your Axe:

Repetition and practice are the key to hitting the right notes when it comes to Mathematics. Be patient, read your textbook several times if you have to in order to decipher formulas and theorems. If tests make you sweat, deal with easier problems first and then move on to practicing the more challenging ones. To learn how to work under pressure (a lot of problems judge both one’s speed and accuracy ); seta timer and see where you stand and how you go. During an exam, solve the easiest problems first.

  1. 3.Flash them:

Flashcards serve as excellent tools for visual and tactile learners. They reinforce information and help them seep into your long term memory. Paste them on your bathroom mirror or other places where you spend a reasonable amount of your time. Try to memorize difficult and challenging formulas just before you sleep and when you wake up. Early mornings are the best time to enhance your memory skills as the subconscious mind is very active during this period of time. It makes learning easier and retention far longer and the experience of studying both impactful and eventful.

Remember ‘With a 1000 strokes, fell mighty Oaks.’ Practice and consistency is the key to make maths more of a friend than a blatant enemy.