One of the biggest things that holds us back is our fear to change and once we learn to snap out of our conditioned moulds, we find success and infinite happiness.“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” This beautiful quote by Neale Donald Walsch sums up our thirst and all the secrets we wish to unlock about success.

Change is the law of life and the only constant. Those who move like a fluid and flowing river can easily stride through the rough roads and obstacles that life lays in front of us. Alvin Tofler, Management Guru and author has also written about change. “The illiterate of 21st century is not the man who cannot read or write but he is a man who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn.” In short a man who can readily embrace change. We bring you some tips and tools to help you snap out of your comfort zone and live the life of your dreams.

1. Don’t think too much about what others think of you: This is one golden rule to adhere to for a lifetime. If you think about what others think of you, you will be doing their job. And if you work for others when would you be able to work on your dreams? Isn’t it simple? Don’t let the opinion of others cause you discomfort or bother you much.


2.  Be an idiot. Well, you have heard that right. Be a complete idiot and make a total fool out of yourself. At least you tried and probably learned that it wasn’t as scary as you imagined. Knowing that you at least tried is more of an accomplishment and sitting back and wiggling your thumbs watching life go by. It’s alright to make a failed attempt and derive life long lessons. Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith.

 3.Acceptance: When things don’t go your way, and so many times they won’t, just shrug the feeling off. As important it is to try out something new it is as important to take failure in your stride and accept things as they are when things don’t go as per your plan. If you keep clinging to your comfort zone, you will remain a frog in the well. Living in your comfort zone, will paint a rosy picture of  the world but it will set you up for disappointment. Open your eyes and take a deep breath and live the life of your dreams.